16 - 20 FEBRUARY 2020


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World Food

World Food

The collective awareness of different foods from around the world has increased dramatically due to globalization. This is no surprise as global tourism flows reach 1.5 billion by 2020, and 65% of households worldwide are connected to the web. In 2017, packaged food continues to look to Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa for global growth, with these two regions posting retail value growth of 4% and 12%, respectively. 

One trend seen across the globe is “selling trust”. As consumers become more price conscious, there is a shift towards more "authentic”, niche and natural products, with consumers seeking brands that they see as upholding key values. A growing number of consumers trust organic products to be healthier, more natural and greener.

*Source: Euromonitor International


Gulfood's World Food exhibition halls feature 120 country pavilions, carrying a raft of "authentic”, niche and natural products that cater to this consumer shift towards food that is traceable by origin and source.

"We supply food products to five-star hotels in the region. We’re here looking for new products because we’re very concerned about staying on top of the competition. Gulfood helps us to worry less as we have so much access to so many brands."

Mohammed Nawaz, Innovate General Trading, Pakistan

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